About Us

Woodhead Investments is a property investment and development company based in Wakefield with a long tradition of family-run values and a proven record of success.

Woodhead Investments, established in 1965 by Melvyn and his wife, Susan Woodhead, began as a residential and commercial real estate agent in Wakefield. In 1982, Melvyn shifted focus to Woodhead Investments, leading it to expand into commercial, agricultural, and residential property development across Wakefield and Yorkshire. Today, the company specialises in property trading for profit and long-term investment, owning a diverse property portfolio. With over 50 years of experience, Woodhead Investments is a prominent Yorkshire property company, boasting solid professional relationships and ranking among Britain’s top 1000 private companies by asset value.

What To Expect

  • Wide range of commercial properties for investment or leasing
  • Expert team to provide comprehensive guidance throughout the process
  • Fully personalised approach to finding the right property
  • Committed to promptly addressing client needs
  • Proven track record of success since 1965
  • A reliable and stable choice for property investment