• Author: Woodhead Investments
  • Date: August 25, 2017

In addition to providing properties in the residential and industrial sectors, at Woodhead Investments, we work with many businesses across Wakefield and Yorkshire, providing high quality commercial properties. Many of these businesses are restaurants, and with more and more people spending money on food and leisure, new restaurants are constantly opening to meet these demands and to provide something new for food lovers. Delphi, who have been tenant’s of ours since 2012, are one example of a great restaurant in Wakefield, which food lovers are not disappointed by.

Voted as one of Wakefield’s top restaurants on TripAdvisor, Delphi continues to generate fantastic reviews based on their food, service, and the value they provide. This family-run Greek/Mediterranean restaurant prides itself on providing high quality, fresh food made from the best ingredients by their four talented chefs.

Located on 32/34 Northgate in Wakefield city centre, Delphi presents itself as a café in the day and a restaurant in the evening, providing a friendly atmosphere throughout the day. To find out more about Delphi or to view their authentic menu, visit their website at

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